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Address: 4528 W Craig Rd Ste #190, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
    Phone: (702) 685-8776    Fax: (877) 669-1370
Corrective spinal and hip alignments in North Las Vegas

Please note: If you have been involved in a recent auto collision, it is recommended that you check the button below:

Yen Chiropractic is a walk-in based wellness/maintenance focused clinic with no appointments necessary.  Those with an active work comp related claim will not be treated at this office.
$25 flat rate for a routine monthly spinal adjustment under maintenance care by an experienced chiropractor.  No gimmicks or other hidden fees during your office visit (a $145 value)...but should your office visit require an hour or more of the doctor's time, then it would not be considered as maintenance care anymore but an acute condition, and the flat fee would then be expected to at least be doubled in cost.
No health insurance other than med pay are accepted or processed. There may be a possibility in the future that we would be able to process Aetna EPO or PPO plans.  Payments are all handled by either cash, debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover,  and American Express), a flexible or health savings account.  
This $25 flat rate is applicable only for wellness/maintenance care; it does not apply for any acute or subacute conditions that involve claims being filed due to a recent auto accident, or any other type of injury related cases.  It also does not apply to billing under private insurance.  Insurance companies will not reimburse for maintenance care.

Information below outlines when this office is open for walk-in:

 Monday and Friday from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

Wednesday 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Open most Saturdays, 10:30 am to 3:00 pm; (Call or check Google listing).

Appointment times outside of this walk-in schedule are only made available for new personal injury exams, PPD evaluations, IME, home visitation with a chiropractic physician making a house-call, or sports physicals.

The office is closed during Federal Holidays, as well as Nevada Day.

Simply call the office at (702) 685-8776 for an updated recording with the weekly office schedule, or visit the following Facebook page for such related updates.

Following completion of the history and physical examination, an X-ray may be taken off-site through a referral made to a diagnostic imaging lab.  This is done when the chiropractic physician has determined that such a procedure would be necessary.

Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Medicare, Culinary, and Health Plan Nevada are not accepted at this office.

If you have Sierra Health or HPN, you have to see your primary doctor at Southwest Medical for either: 1.) an initial x-ray, or 2.) referral to an in-network chiropractor.

Click on the following button below for new patient intake forms that are not related to personal injury. All new patients must present their ID cards before receiving an initial exam and treatment.

Come on down for an office visit today and receive an awesome full spine adjustment!  Come see how an adjustment can help reduce stress, pain in your spine, relieve your tension headaches and muscle knots, relax pressure on the disc, help alleviate arthritis of the neck, back, knees, hips and shoulders, plus even improve motion in your feet.  

Dr. Daniel D. Yen also manages personal injury cases pertaining to car crashes, whether it is covered by a verified Med Pay policy for medical purpose and usage only, an Attorney Lien, or an Assignment of Proceeds aka AOP.  With an AOP, the patient is eligible to bill the other driver's insurance company directly, this is known as Third Party Billing.

For clearance of a youth to participate in sports, a $20 sports physical is available through appointment.

This office is located on the North side of Craig Road, right in between The Craig Road Car Wash and The Liquor Outlet; it is just across San Mateo Street from A-Able Storage, Tasty China, Papa Johns, Oasis Cleaners, and the Comic Bookstore; these businesses are all located on 4444 W. Craig Road.  Upon arrival into the parking lot, look for suite #190 on the glass door.  Neighboring business includes Budget Flooring on 4528 W Craig Rd - just in front of the North Neighborhood Family Service Center (4538 W Craig Rd).  

Approximation of actual location: the office is about a half block east from the Sonic Drive-In at Decatur; about five miles south of Aliante; San Mateo Street itself is located right in between Decatur and Valley Drive.  See all of the photos below.

Look for the $25 chiropractic sign on the corner of Craig and San Mateo.

Daniel D. Yen, DC (Life Chiropractic College West Graduate 2005)
Understands and speaks the local language from Siyi: Taishan and Kaiping.

"Putting the love back into your spine."®

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Yen Chiropractic strictly does not accept or allow any solicitation over the phone or door to door from anyone or company that we did not initially approach.